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In March 2020, changes to Medicare, TAC and Workcover now enable clients to have a more flexible access to mental health sessions.   


Clients with a valid Mental Health Plan can receive a rebate or bulk billed for up to ten times a year (initial 6 plus 4 additional after a review from their doctor).    

Similarly changes to TAC and Workcover and private insurance also allow clients to be seen online or by phone.

Online consultations:   

          Coviu/Zoom or FaceTime - dependent on client preference.  I primarily use Coviu (an Australia secure

          online platform) which is recommended by the APS (Australian Psychological Society).  

          Please make sure that you are somewhere you feel comfortable talking and able to speak frankly if

          required.  Also, prior to an online session, you will be sent a link to a secure online room.   If there

          are any technical difficulties, I will continue the session by phone.

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