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Because everyone is different, it is important to choose the most effective approaches for each individual.   Approaches include:

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

Clinical Hypnosis


Schema Therapy

Mindfulness Meditation

Virtual Reality 


Solution Focussed, Narrative,

      Schema and Emotion Focussed Therapies

Shijoku (Forest Bathing)


Using psychometric tests helps both myself and clients understand underlying personality and diagnostic aspects to provide a roadmap to recovery.

Tests include:

Personality [MMPI-2]

Measures  of resilience & ability to  cope    with pressure and change [MTQ+]

Depression, Anxiety & Stress [DASS21]

Post Traumatic Stress [PCL]

Eating Disorder [EQ]

Schema [SQI]


And, because it's important to know how clients are responding and how effective they find sessions, I use the Outcome Rating Scale (client self-report of well-being) and the Session Rating Scale (client satisfaction and engagement) 

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