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The decision to see a psychologist is often daunting - with many reasons to not see someone and even fear of being judged or that nothing will help ... but the knowledge that something has to change.  It is an opportunity to share concerns, gain some support and clarity in a safe environment where you feel respected and heard.

Pre-intake Assessment


A brief pre-session phone call helps me to get an initial understanding of the focus of any counselling and determining a goodness of fit.  I then send you a Patient Intake Form which allows you to give as much information as you feel comfortable sharing to clarify the current issues, concerns, and goals to provide the ground for sessions.  


Our first session, face to face or over video call, allows me to really get to know you and understand current life circumstances, past history, supports and consider the most appropriate treatment strategies while giving a safe space to talk about these.   And, importantly how you would like life to be different as a result of coming to sessions.    This is supported by psychometrics to increase understanding and track change.

The Work

We will then agree on fully personalised treatment and coaching options utilising:

-  assessment / option analysis, consensus and psycho-education

-  behavioural, cognitive and emotional strategies

-  problem solving and pro-active life strategies

-  EMDR, Mindfulness, CBT, Solution-focussed Therapy, Schema Therapy, Clinical Hypnosis & Virtual Reality

-  and some psychometric testing (which may incur an additional cost) 

Moving Forward and Exit

Having increased your understanding and sense of self and self-efficacy, we'll review the results against the agreed goals and identify capacity and steps to consolidate gains made and the way forward.

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